On wellness rituals and why we need them

On wellness rituals and why we need them

On wellness rituals and why we need them

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Based in New York, red flower was founded in 1999 in a quest to find the beauty inside ourselves and achieve sensual freedom. While we work very hard to procure 100% vegetarian, botanically-based local ingredients, we are also inspired by many body-care customs from around the world. We give you a wide variety of scents and products ranging from French lavender oil to Palo Santo and lotions of Japan, always remembering to locate and use natural ingredients in an environmentally-conscious way. 

When it comes to wellness, less is more. Our wellness rituals are simple and pure. 

At red flower, we believe in the importance of creating the finest quality products in limited quantities.  It’s vital to discover beauty globally to have truly transformative offerings, but it’s also vital to spend the time on our customers so they, too, learn to luxuriate in the sensuous delights that come from using a great product. And our specially crafted  “hero products” are developed with the company’s philosophy of engaging in sustainable and environmentally friendly practices instead of mass-produced overconsumption.

There is such joy and rejuvenation in self-care. It’s an opportunity to return to oneself to reconnect with the body and with nature. True self-care is an almost divine experience, a time to wander through the rapturous experience of reconnecting with the self.  red flower invites only unique, natural ingredients to this ritual.

Our top wellness picks…

Choose from our wide range of products such as our Omega fatty acid-filled, moisturizing Wild Cherry Blossom Rice Buff and our Vitamin C-rich Jasmine Rose Rhassoul Clay to oxygenate your skin. We recommend indulging in the soothing earthy bath which incorporates the buff, along with a light book for you to read, soft music to lull you to a state of zen, and one of our petal-topped candles for ambiance. This soothing combination will ensure that you have the ultimate spa experience. 

Bathing can be a transformative experience not only in the lingering effects of the products used in the bath but in the meditative application process. The intention behind indulging in this experience is to release one’s ‘ki’, or inner spirit, to attain serenity.

Apart from following weekly bathing rituals, we provide instructions to created to enhance detoxification, vital energy, and immunity.

Home candles, revitalizing body washes, and body scrubs will lift your energy with their metamorphic qualities. There is no experience that is more medicinal, relaxing, and elevating than the frequent usage of our hand-picked, transformative products. further complement your wellness routine, consider incorporating cozy items such as plush robes, soft slippers, and women's merino wool thermal socks. These items provide exceptional warmth and comfort, enhancing your overall sense of well-being during and after your revitalizing bath. 

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