wanderlust lip balm set of 3

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set of 3

soften, heal and protect the lips with a conditioning blend of beeswax, olive oil, sweet almond oil and vitamin e.

wanderlust nourishing lip balm is enriched with the whole essential oils of hinoki cedarwood and gurjum balsam to calm the mind and awaken the senses, fighting fatigue with a gentle immune-supporting effect. a daily source of replenishing freshness.

4 g each


not everyone who wanders is lost.

introducing wanderlust's nourishing lip balm, a natural topical lip product that soothes and moisturizes the lips, while giving you a scent that can get you lost in comfort and relaxation. the lip balm is a wonderful mix of beeswax, olive oil, almond oil, and vitamin e. daily use of this lip balm is daily exposure to comfort and freshness brought to you by essential oils of hinoki cedarwood and gurjum.

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How to Useseal lips to protect and nourish daily.
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